about me

I'm the co-founder at Polaris, where we design and build developer tools for a more performant and reliable internet. I'm a Christian, husband, father, and software engineer in Bend, Oregon.

Family of Origin

Born in Elmira, NY

My parents moved to rural upstate New York in the 1970s. I am the youngest of three boys. My childhood was filled with time outdoors, riding my big wheel and bike, and instigating trouble.


From Notre Dame High School to the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute

My parents strongly believed in the value of a Catholic education. I was one of about 20 students in my class from Kindergarten through 6th grade, eventually graduating with 80 of my peers in high school. Science, math, and computers were my jam. Boy Scouts greatly influenced my life, and I earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Early Career

Intern to Chief Technology Officer

I am grateful for the opportunity to start my career as an intern and then full-time web developer at Hamilton College. I was hired as a web developer and then transitioned to the Chief Technology Officer for an enterprise training company called Webucator. I began working remotely in 2010, living and working in Syracuse, NY.


Husband to Bonnie

I met Bonnie on the dance floor of a nightclub in Syracuse, NY. We literally bumped into each other. We were engaged 5 months later and married in 2013.

Living Abroad

Visiting 22 Countries in 12 months

A month after getting married we were off to see the world. Well, Europe at least. Living in Munich, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands, we enjoyed traveling, learning, and growing in our love for people, each other, and the world.


Baptised (again)

I was baptised as an infant in the Catholic Church, and while I am both grateful and disappointed with my Catholic upbringing, it was a radical act of God that changed my life. It was in 2015 that I decided to publicly declare my faith as a follower of Jesus through baptism.

Family Life

Father to Evelyn

Bonnie and I were married for 8 years when God individually changed our hearts to pursue a family. Evelyn was born in 2022. She's pretty darn cool.

Startup* Life

Bootstrapping a Startup

I started LiveLoveApp, a software consulting, in 2019 with the idea of eventually building a product. Today, I'm the co-founder at Polaris, where we design and build developer tools for a more performant and reliable internet.

* The startup bootstrapped, poor, and attempting to be profitable – so not really a startup


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