Picture of Brian Love wearing black against a dark wall in Portland, OR.

Brian Love

The Success in the Ordinary

Success in western culture is often marked by follower count, headcount, and GitHub stars. What if success is found in the ordinary?


Oh, to be ordinary.

This is not often what we think of when our western brains think of those organizations and people that are successful. In fact, we are led to believe the opposite. We often think that those people and companies that are doing the “best” are far from ordinary. Those people have somehow broken through, out of the ordinary, and into the extraordinary.

Being extraordinary at something or being recognized as extraordinary is indeed special, and I want to celebrate that. Those that break records, smash through glass ceilings, and overcome against all odds are indeed to be celebrated. Thankfully, I think our culture generally does a good job at celebrating these people, companies, and events. I’m sure you can think of a few - the forbes list and the olympics are just a few iconic ways in which we celebrate the extraordinary.

Celebrating Ordinary

Let’s celebrate the ordinary - you, your company, your colleagues, your managers, your family, and your friends. I’m guessing that most of those are, well, ordinary.

I like ordinary. Ordinary is welcoming, accepting, inclusive, diverse, unapologetic, and authentic.

Ordinary people, companies, and events are where the magic happens. Where we celebrate the win of a child in grade school. Where we celebrate the win of a business milestone. Where we celebrate the win of making it to the event, perhaps not winning the event.

Ordinary Success

What if we started gauge the success of our lives and the success of our businesses by the ordinary?

For me, that would allow me the freedom to focus on self-care, my family, profitability, and taking the necessary and desirable risks to pursue the next challenge. This does not necessitate laziness, being disengaged, or lacking empathy. Rather, I think the ordinary propels me to be ordinarily successful: for myself, my family, and my business.

Join me in ordinary success.