Picture of Brian Love wearing black against a dark wall in Portland, OR.

Brian Love

Web Development Automation

In my web development automation series we will learn the basics of automating your JavaScript and CSS development. The goal of automation is to perform regular that I would otherwise be doing manually. This series assumes that you are already familiar with CoffeeScript and LESS.

Grunt is a great tool for a web developer, especially one who tends to love JavaScript and JSON over XML. Prior to using Grunt, I would employ a tool such as an Apache Ant build.xml file to minify and combine my JavaScript and CSS stylesheets. In this post I am going to look at the past and how I used Apache Ant, but more importantly, I will dive into how I use Grunt to build my CoffeeScript and LESS sources into my final JS and CSS files. To top it all off, we will actually code the Gruntfile using CoffeeScript.