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ColdFusion 10 Run As User on Mac

During the installation of ColdFusion 10 you have the option to enable the automatic startup of the ColdFusion application server during the boot process on your machine. On Windows this happens via a Windows Service, but on Macintosh it happens a little different.

We just need to modify a file on our system to specify the runtime user for the ColdFusion process. First, open up your Terminal via Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Then we need to browse to the location of the file. Here are the commands to execute in your termanal window:

$ cd /Library/StartupItems/ColdFusion10
$ sudo nano ColdFusion

Using the nano editor (or your favorite bash editor), modify the line that sets the user. For me the line is:


I want to set ColdFusion to run as the root user, so I simply changed this to:


Save the file via Ctr > O, then exit nano via Ctr > X and you're all done. Of course, you will need to restart ColdFusion:

sudo /Applications/ColdFusion10/cfusion/bin/coldfusion restart

Brian F Love

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