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Change Log

Change Log

v3.10.0 (2015/05/29 04:25 +00:00)

  • #165 expose yargs.terminalWidth() thanks @ensonic (@bcoe)
  • #164 better array handling thanks @getify (@bcoe)

v3.9.1 (2015/05/20 05:14 +00:00)

  • b6662b6 clarify .config() docs (@linclark)
  • 0291360 fixed tests, switched to nyc for coverage, fixed security issue, added Lin as collaborator (@bcoe)

v3.9.0 (2015/05/10 18:32 +00:00)

  • #157 Merge pull request #157 from bcoe/command-yargs. allows handling of command specific arguments. Thanks for the suggestion @ohjames (@bcoe)
  • #158 Merge pull request #158 from kemitchell/spdx-license. Update license format (@kemitchell)

v3.8.0 (2015/04/24 23:10 +00:00)

  • #154 showHelp’s method signature was misleading fixes #153 (@bcoe)
  • #151 refactor yargs’ table layout logic to use new helper library (@bcoe)
  • #150 Fix README example in argument requirements (@annonymouse)

v3.7.2 (2015/04/13 11:52 -07:00)

  • 679fbbf updated yargs to use the standard style guide (agokjr)
  • [22382ee]( various bug fixes for $0 (@nylen)

v3.7.1 (2015/04/10 11:06 -07:00)

  • 89e1992 detect iojs bin along with node bin. (@bcoe)
  • 755509e improvements to example documentation in (@rstacruz)
  • 0d2dfc8 showHelp() no longer requires that .argv has been called (@bcoe)

v3.7.0 (2015/04/04 02:29 -07:00)

  • 56cbe2d make .requiresArg() work with type hints. (@bcoe).
  • 2f5d562 serialize arrays and objects in usage strings. (@bcoe).
  • 5126304 be more lenient about alias/primary key ordering in chaining API. (@bcoe)

v3.6.0 (2015/03/21 01:00 +00:00)

  • 4e24e22 support for .js configuration files. (@pirxpilot)

v3.5.4 (2015/03/12 05:56 +00:00)

  • c16cc08 message for non-option arguments is now optional, thanks to (@raine)

v3.5.3 (2015/03/09 06:14 +00:00)

  • 870b428 completion script was missing in package.json (@bcoe)

v3.5.2 (2015/03/09 06:11 +00:00)

  • 58a4b24 parse was being called multiple times, resulting in strange behavior (@bcoe)

v3.5.1 (2015/03/09 04:55 +00:00)

  • 4e588e0 accidentally left testing logic in (@bcoe)

v3.5.0 (2015/03/09 04:49 +00:00)

  • 718bacd added support for bash completions see #4 (@bcoe)
  • a192882 downgrade to mocha 2.1.0 until can be sorted out (@bcoe)

v3.4.7 (2015/03/09 04:09 +00:00)

  • 9845e5c the Argv singleton was not being updated when manually parsing arguments, fixes #114 (@bcoe)

v3.4.6 (2015/03/09 04:01 +00:00)

  • 45b4c80 set placeholders for all keys fixes #115 (@bcoe)

v3.4.5 (2015/03/01 20:31 +00:00)

  • a758e0b fix for count consuming too many arguments (@bcoe)

v3.4.4 (2015/02/28 04:52 +00:00)

  • 0476af7 added nargs feature, allowing you to specify the number of arguments after an option (@bcoe)
  • 092477d updated README with full example of v3.0 API (@bcoe)

v3.3.3 (2015/02/28 04:23 +00:00)

  • 0c4b769 remove string dependency, which conflicted with other libraries see #106 (@bcoe)

v3.3.2 (2015/02/28 04:11 +00:00)

  • 2a98906 add $0 to epilog (@schnittstabil)

v3.3.1 (2015/02/24 03:28 +00:00)

  • ad485ce fix for applying defaults to camel-case args (@bcoe)

v3.3.0 (2015/02/24 00:49 +00:00)

  • 8bfe36d fix and document restart() command, as a tool for building nested CLIs (@bcoe)

v3.2.1 (2015/02/22 05:45 +00:00)

  • 49a6d18 you can now provide a function that generates a default value (@bcoe)

v3.2.0 (2015/02/22 05:24 +00:00)

  • 7a55886 improvements to yargs two-column text layout (@bcoe)
  • b6ab513 Tweak NPM version badge (@nylen)

v3.1.0 (2015/02/19 19:37 +00:00)

  • 9bd2379 version now accepts a function, making it easy to load version #s from a package.json (@bcoe)

v3.0.4 (2015/02/14 01:40 +00:00)

  • 0b7c19b various fixes for dot-notation handling (@bcoe)

v3.0.3 (2015/02/14 00:59 +00:00)

  • c3f35e9 make sure dot-notation is applied to aliases (@bcoe)

3.0.2 (2015/02/13 16:50 +00:00)

  • 74c8967 document epilog shorthand of epilogue. (@bcoe)
  • 670110f any non-truthy value now causes check to fail see #76 (@bcoe)
  • 0d8f791 finished implementing my wish-list of fetures for yargs 3.0. see #88 (@bcoe)
  • 5768447 fix coverage. (@bcoe)
  • 82e793f detect console width and perform word-wrapping. (@bcoe)
  • 67476b3 refactor two-column table layout so that we can use it for examples and usage (@bcoe)
  • 4724cdf major refactor of index.js, in prep for 3.x release. (@bcoe)

v2.3.0 (2015/02/08 20:41 +00:00)

  • d824620 allow for undefined boolean defaults (@ashi009)

v2.2.0 (2015/02/08 20:07 +00:00)

  • d6edd98 in-prep for further refactoring, and a 3.x release I’ve shuffled some things around and gotten test-coverage to 100%. (@bcoe)

v2.1.2 (2015/02/08 06:05 +00:00)

  • d640745 switch to path.relative (@bcoe)
  • 3bfd41f remove mocha.opts. (@bcoe)
  • 47a2f35 document using .string(‘_’) for string ids. see #56 (@bcoe)
  • #57 Merge pull request #57 from eush77/option-readme (@eush77)

v2.1.1 (2015/02/06 08:08 +00:00)

  • 01c6c61 fix for #71, ‘newAliases’ of undefined (@bcoe)

v2.1.0 (2015/02/06 07:59 +00:00)

  • 6a1a3fa try to guess argument types, and apply sensible defaults see #73 (@bcoe)

v2.0.1 (2015/02/06 07:54 +00:00)

  • 96a06b2 Fix for strange behavior with –sort option, see #51 (@bcoe)

v2.0.0 (2015/02/06 07:45 +00:00)

  • 0250517 - 108fb84 fixed bug with boolean parsing, when bools separated by = see #66 (@bcoe)
  • a465a59 Add files field to the package.json (@shinnn)
  • 31043de fix for yargs.argv having the same keys added multiple times see #63 (@bcoe)
  • 2d68c5b Disable process.exit calls using .exitProcess(false) (@cianclarke)
  • 45da9ec Mention .option in README (@eush77)

v1.3.2 (2014/10/06 21:56 +00:00)

list (2014/08/30 18:41 +00:00)

  • fbc777f Now that yargs is the successor to optimist, I’m changing the README language to be more universal. Pirate speak isn’t very accessible to non-native speakers. (@chevex)
  • a54d068 version output will not print extra newline (@boneskull)
  • 1cef5d6 Added contributors section to package.json (@chrisn)
  • cc295c0 Added ‘require’ and ‘required’ as synonyms for ‘demand’ (@chrisn)
  • d0bf951 Updating minimist. (@chevex)
  • c15f8e7 Fix #31 (bad interaction between camelCase options and strict mode) (@nylen)
  • d991b9b Added .help() and .version() methods (@chrisn)
  • e8c8aa4 Added .showHelpOnFail() method (@chrisn)
  • e855af4 Allow boolean flag with .demand() (@chrisn)
  • 14dbec2 Fixes issue #22. Arguments are no longer printed to the console when using .config. (@chevex)
  • bef74fc Informing users that Yargs is the official optimist successor. (@chevex)
  • #24 Merge pull request #24 from chrisn/strict (@chrisn)
  • 889a2b2 Added requiresArg option, for options that require values (@chrisn)
  • eb16369 Added .strict() method, to report error if unknown arguments are given (@chrisn)
  • 0471c3f Changed optimist to yargs in usage-options.js example (@chrisn)
  • 5c88f74 Change optimist to yargs in examples (@chrisn)
  • 66f12c8 Fix a couple of bad interactions between aliases and defaults (@nylen)
  • 8fa1d80 Document second argument of usage(message, opts) (@Gobie)
  • 56e6528 For “–some-option”, also set argv.someOption (@nylen)
  • ed5f6d3 Finished porting unit tests to Mocha. (@chevex)

v1.0.15 (2014/02/05 23:18 +00:00)

  • e2b1fc0 1.0.15 update to badges (@chevex)

v1.0.14 (2014/02/05 23:17 +00:00)

  • f33bbb0 Revert “Fixed issue which caused .demand function not to work correctly.” (@chevex)

v1.0.13 (2014/02/05 22:13 +00:00)

  • 6509e5e Fixed issue which caused .demand function not to work correctly. (@chevex)

v1.0.12 (2013/12/13 00:09 +00:00)

v1.0.11 (2013/12/13 00:07 +00:00)

v1.0.10 (2013/12/12 23:57 +00:00)

  • dfebf81 Fixed formatting in README (@chevex)

v1.0.9 (2013/12/12 23:47 +00:00)

  • 0b4e34a Update (@chevex)

v1.0.8 (2013/12/06 16:36 +00:00)

  • #1 fix error caused by check() see #1 (@martinheidegger)

v1.0.7 (2013/11/24 18:01 +00:00)

  • a247d88 Modified Pirate Joe image. (@chevex)

v1.0.6 (2013/11/23 19:21 +00:00)

  • d7f69e1 Updated Pirate Joe image. (@chevex)

v1.0.5 (2013/11/23 19:09 +00:00)

  • ece809c Updated readme notice again. (@chevex)

v1.0.4 (2013/11/23 19:05 +00:00)

  • 9e81e81 Updated README with a notice about yargs being a fork of optimist and what that implies. (@chevex)

v1.0.3 (2013/11/23 17:43 +00:00)

  • 65e7a78 Changed some small wording in (@chevex)
  • 459e20e Fix a bug in the options function, when string and boolean options weren’t applied to aliases. (@shockone)

v1.0.2 (2013/11/23 09:46 +00:00)

v1.0.1 (2013/11/23 09:39 +00:00)

v1.0.0 (2013/11/23 09:33 +00:00)

  • 54e31d5 Rebranded from optimist to yargs in the spirit of the fork :D (@chevex)
  • 4ebb6c5 Added documentation for demandCount(). (@chevex)
  • 4561ce6 Simplified the error messages returned by .check(). (@chevex)
  • 661c678 Fixed an issue with demand not accepting a zero value. (@chevex)
  • 731dd3c Add .fail(fn) so death isn’t the only option. Should fix issue #39. (@chevex)
  • fa15417 Added a few missing ‘return self’ (@chevex)
  • e655e4d Fix showing help in certain JS environments. (@chevex)
  • a746a31 Better string representation of default values. (@chevex)
  • 6134619 Implies: conditional demands (@chevex)
  • 046b93b Added support for JSON config files. (@chevex)
  • a677ec0 Add .example(cmd, desc) feature. (@chevex)
  • 1bd4375 Added ‘defaults’ as alias to ‘default’ so as to avoid usage of a reserved keyword. (@chevex)
  • 6b753c1 add .normalize(args..) support for normalizing paths (@chevex)
  • 33d7d59 Customize error messages with demand(key, msg) (@chevex)
  • 647d37f Merge branch ‘rewrite-duplicate-test’ of (@chevex)
  • 9059d1a Pass aliases object to check functions for greater versatility. (@chevex)
  • 623dc26 Added ability to count boolean options and rolled minimist library back into project. (@chevex)
  • 49f0dce Fixed small typo. (@chevex)
  • 79ec980 Removed dependency on wordwrap module. (@chevex)
  • ea14630 Merge branch ‘master’ of (@chevex)
  • 2b75da2 Merge branch ‘master’ of (@chevex)
  • d9bda11 Merge branch ‘patch-1’ of (@chevex)
  • d6cc606 Renamed README. (@chevex)
  • 9498d3f Renamed readme and added .gitignore. (@chevex)
  • bbd1fe3 Included examples for help and showHelp functions and fixed few formatting issues (@thefourtheye)
  • 37fea04 .alias({}) behaves differently based on mapping direction when generating descriptions (@chbrown)
  • 855b20d Documented function signatures are useful for dynamically typed languages. (@chbrown)

0.6.0 (2013/06/25 08:48 +00:00)

  • d37bfe0 all tests passing using minimist (@substack)
  • 76f1352 all parse tests now passing (@substack)
  • a7b6754 using minimist, some tests passing (@substack)
  • 6655688 Give credit where its due (@DeadAlready)
  • 602a2a9 v0.5.3 - Remove wordwrap as dependency (@DeadAlready)

0.5.2 (2013/05/31 03:46 +00:00)

  • 4497ca5 fixed the whitespace bug without breaking anything else (@substack)
  • 5a3dd1a failing test for whitespace arg (@substack)

0.5.1 (2013/05/30 07:17 +00:00)

  • a20228f fix parse() to work with functions before it (@substack)
  • b13bd4c failing test for parse() with modifiers (@substack)

0.5.0 (2013/05/18 21:59 +00:00)

  • c474a64 fixes for dash (@substack)

0.4.0 (2013/04/13 19:03 +00:00)

  • dafe3e1 failing short test (@substack)

0.3.7 (2013/04/04 04:07 +00:00)

  • 6c7a0ec Fix for windows. On windows there is no _ in environment. (@hdf)

0.3.6 (2013/04/04 04:04 +00:00)

  • e72346a Add support for newlines in -a=”” arguments (@danielbeardsley)
  • 71e1fb5 drop 0.4, add 0.8 to travis (@substack)

0.3.5 (2012/10/10 11:09 +00:00)

  • ee692b3 Fix parsing booleans (@vojtajina)
  • 5045122 set $0 properly in the tests (@substack)

0.3.4 (2012/04/30 06:54 +00:00)

  • f28c0e6 bump for string “true” params (@substack)
  • 8f44aeb Fix failing test for aliased booleans. (@coderarity)
  • b9f7b61 Add failing test for short aliased booleans. (@coderarity)

0.3.3 (2012/04/30 06:45 +00:00)

0.3.2 (2012/04/12 20:28 +00:00)

  • 3a0f014 travis badge (@substack)
  • 4fb60bf Fix boolean aliases. (@coderarity)
  • f14dda5 Adjusted package.json to use tap (@jfhbrook)
  • 88e5d32 test/usage.js no longer hangs (@jfhbrook)
  • e1e740c two tests for combined boolean/alias opts parsing (@jfhbrook)

0.3.1 (2011/12/31 08:44 +00:00)

  • d09b719 If “default” is set to false it was not passed on, fixed. (@wolframkriesing)

0.3.0 (2011/12/09 06:03 +00:00)

  • 6e74aa7 bump and documented dot notation (@substack)

0.2.7 (2011/10/20 02:25 +00:00)

  • 94adee2 argv._ can be told ‘Hey! argv._! Don’t be messing with my args.’, and it WILL obey (@colinta)
  • c46fdd5 optimistic critter image (@substack)
  • 5c95c73 alias options() to option() (@substack)
  • f7692ea [fix] Fix for parsing boolean edge case (@indexzero)
  • d1f92d1
  • b01bda8 [fix test] Update to ensure optimist is aware of default booleans. Associated tests included (@indexzero)
  • aa753e7 [dist test] Update devDependencies in package.json. Update test pathing to be more npm and require.paths future-proof (@indexzero)
  • 7bfce2f s/sys/util/ (@substack)
  • d420a7a update usage output (@substack)
  • cf86eed some sage readme protips about parsing rules (@substack)
  • 5da9f7a documented all the methods finally (@substack)
  • 8ca6879 fenced syntax highlighting (@substack)
  • b72bacf right-alignment of wrapped extra params (@substack)
  • 2b980bf now with .wrap() (@substack)
  • d614f63 don’t show ‘Options:’ when there aren’t any (@substack)
  • 691eda3 failing test for multi-aliasing (@substack)
  • 0826c9f “Options:” > “options:” (@substack)
  • 72f7490 [minor] Update formatting for .showHelp() (@indexzero)
  • 75aecce options works again, too lazy to write a proper test right now (@substack)
  • f742e54 line_count_options example, which breaks (@substack)
  • 4ca06b8 line count example (@substack)
  • eeb8423 remove self.argv setting in boolean (@substack)
  • 6903412 removed camel case for now (@substack)
  • 5a0d88b remove dead longest checking code (@substack)
  • d782170 .help() too (@substack)
  • 622ec17 rm old help generator (@substack)
  • 7c8baac nub keys (@substack)
  • 8197785 generate help message based on the previous calls, todo: nub (@substack)
  • 3ffbdc3 stub out new showHelp, better checks (@substack)
  • d4e21f5 let .options() take single options too (@substack)
  • 3c4cf29 .options() is now heaps simpler (@substack)
  • 89f0d04 defaults work again, all tests pass (@substack)
  • dd87333 update test error messages, down to 2 failing tests (@substack)
  • 53f7bc6 fix for bools doubling up, passes the parse test again, others fail (@substack)
  • 2213e2d refactored for an argv getter, failing several tests (@substack)
  • d1e7379 just rescan for now, alias test passes (@substack)
  • b2f8c99 failing alias test (@substack)
  • d0c0174 .alias() (@substack)
  • d85f431 [api] Remove .describe() in favor of building upon the existing .usage() API (@indexzero)
  • edbd527 [doc api] Add .describe(), .options(), and .showHelp() methods along with example. (@indexzero)
  • be4902f updates for coffee since it now does argv the node way (@substack)
  • e24cb23 more general coffeescript detection (@substack)
  • 78ac753 Don’t trigger the CoffeeScript hack when running under node_g. (@papandreou)
  • bcfe973 .string() but failing test (@substack)
  • 1987aca test hex strings (@substack)
  • ef36db3 more keywords (@substack)
  • cc53c56 Added camelCase function that converts –multi-word-option to camel case (so it becomes argv.multiWordOption). (@papandreou)
  • 60b57da fixed boolean bug by rescanning (@substack)
  • dff6d07 boolean examples (@substack)
  • 0e380b9 boolean() with passing test (@substack)
  • 62644d4 coffee compatibility with node regex for versions too (@substack)
  • 430fafc argv._ fixed by fixing the coffee detection (@substack)
  • 343b8af whichNodeArgs test fails too (@substack)
  • 63df2f3 replicated mnot’s bug in whichNodeEmpty test (@substack)
  • 35473a4 test for ./bin usage (@substack)
  • 13df151 don’t coerce booleans to numbers (@substack)
  • 85f8007 package bump for automatic number conversion (@substack)
  • 8f17014 updated readme and examples with new auto-numberification goodness (@substack)
  • 73dc901 auto number conversion works yay (@substack)
  • bcec56b failing test for not-implemented auto numification (@substack)
  • ebd2844 odd that eql doesn’t check types careflly (@substack)
  • fd854b0 package author + keywords (@substack)
  • 656a1d5 updated readme with .default() stuff (@substack)
  • cd7f8c5 passing tests for new .default() behavior (@substack)
  • 932725e new default() thing for setting default key/values (@substack)
  • 4e6c7ab test for coffee usage (@substack)
  • d54ffcc new –key value style with passing tests. NOTE: changes existing behavior (@substack)
  • ed2a2d5 package bump for summatix’s coffee script fix (@substack)
  • 75a975e Added support for CoffeeScript (@summatix)
  • 56b2b1d test coverage for the falsy check() usage (@substack)
  • a4843a9 check bug fixed plus a handy string (@substack)
  • 857bd2d tests for demandCount, back up to 100% coverage (@substack)
  • 073b776 call demandCount from demand (@substack)
  • 4bd4b7a add demandCount to check for the number of arguments in the _ list (@marshall)
  • b8689ac Rebase checks. That will be its own module eventually. (@substack)
  • e688370 a $0 like in perl (@substack)
  • 2e5e196 usage test hacking around process and console (@substack)
  • fcc3521 description pun (@substack)
  • 87a1fe2 mit/x11 license (@substack)
  • 8d089d2 bool example is more consistent and also shows off short option grouping (@substack)
  • 448d747 start of the readme and examples (@substack)
  • da74dea more tests for long and short captures (@substack)
  • ab6387e silly bug in the tests with s/not/no/, all tests pass now (@substack)
  • 102496a hack an instance for process.argv onto Argv so the export can be called to create an instance or used for argv, which is the most common case (@substack)
  • a01caeb divide example (@substack)
  • 443da55 start of the lib with a package.json (@substack)