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Change Log


  • Enabled additional rules in tslint:latest configuration (#1506)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.15.0-dev.0)


  • [enhancement] Rules can automatically fix errors (#1423)
  • [enhancement] Better error messages for invalid source files (#1480)
  • [new-rule] adjacent-overload-signatures rule (#1426)
  • [new-rule] file-header rule (#1411)
  • [new-rule] object-literal-shorthand rule (#1488)
  • [new-rule-option] allow-declarations option for only-arrow-functions rule (#1452)
  • [new-rule-option] import-sources-order option for ordered-imports rule (#1466)
  • [bugfix] arrow-parens rule handles async and generics (#1446, #1479)
  • [bugfix] comment-format rule ignores tslint control comments (#1473)
  • [bugfix] Fix no-shadowed-variable rule false positives (#1482)

Thanks to our contributors! * @apacala * @danvk * @DovydasNavickas * @glen-84 * @IllusionMH * @JoshuaKGoldberg * @markwongsk * @rakatyal * @rhysd * @ScottSWu * @YuichiNukiyama


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev releases (v3.14.0-dev.0, v3.14.0-dev.1)


  • [new-rule] arrow-parens rule (#777)
  • [new-rule] max-file-line-count rule (#1360)
  • [new-rule] no-unsafe-finally rule (#1349)
  • [new-rule] no-for-in-array rule (#1380)
  • [new-rule] object-literal-key-quotes rule (#1364)
  • [enhancement] Better ban rule failure messages (#1385)
  • [enhancement] New stylish formatter (#1406)

Thanks to our contributors! * @chrismbarr * @danvk * @gjuchault * @lowkay * @ScottSWu * @YuichiNukiyama


  • [enhancement] Add optional type information to rules (#1323)

Thanks to our contributors! * @ScottSWu


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.13.0-dev.0)


  • [new-rule] ordered-imports rule (#1325)
  • [enhancement] MPEG transport stream files are ignored by the CLI (#1357)

Thanks to our contributors! * @chrismbarr * @corydeppen * @danvk * @janaagaard75 * @mprobst


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.12.0-dev.1)


  • [bugfix] Fix null reference bug in typedef rule (#1345)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.12.0-dev.0)


  • [new-rule] only-arrow-functions rule (#1318)
  • [new-rule] no-unused-new rule (#1316)
  • [new-rule-option] arrow-call-signature option for typedef rule (#1284)
  • [enhancement] Metadata for every rule (#1311)
  • [enhancement] typedef rule is more flexible about the location of typedefs for arrow functions (#1176)
  • [enhancement] Failure messages are clearer and more consistent for many rules (#1303, #1307, #1309)
  • [bugfix] no-consecutive-blank-lines now handles lines with only whitespace correctly (#1249)
  • [bugfix] Correctly load .json config files that have a BOM (#1338)

Thanks to our contributors! * @allannienhuis * @arnaudvalle * @bencoveney * @chrismbarr * @corydeppen * @HamletDRC * @JoshuaKGoldberg * @timbrown81 * @tomduncalf * @YuichiNukiyama


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.11.0-dev.0)


  • [new-rule] linebreak-style rule (#123)
  • [new-rule] no-mergeable-namespace rule (#843)
  • [enhancement] Add built-in configurations (#1261)
  • [enhancement] New vso formatter (#1281)
  • [new-rule-option] ignore-interfaces option for semicolon rule (#1233)
  • [bugfix] no-default-export rule handles more default export cases (#1241)

Thanks to our contributors! * @cgwrench * @HamletDRC * @lijunle * @paldepind * @patsissons * @schmuli * @YuichiNukiyama


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.10.0-dev.2)


  • [bugfix] member-ordering rule doesn’t crash on methods in class expressions (#1252)
  • [bugfix] ban rule handles chained methods appropriately (#1234)

Thanks to our contributors! * @marines


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.10.0-dev.1)


  • [bugfix] member-ordering rule doesn’t crash on methods in object literals (#1243)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.10.0-dev.0)


  • [new-rule] new-parens rule (#1177)
  • [new-rule] no-default-export rule (#1182)
  • [new-rule-option] order: ... option for member-ordering rule (#1208)
  • [new-rule-option] “ignore-for-loop” option for one-variable-per-declaration rule (#1204)
  • [enhancement] “no-this-in-function-in-method” option renamed to “check-function-in-method” (#1203)
  • [bugfix] semicolon rule checks export statements (#1155)

Thanks to our contributors! * @chrismbarr * @HamletDRC * @larshp * @patsissons * @YuichiNukiyama


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.9.0-dev.0)


  • [new-rule] no-namespace rule (#1133)
  • [new-rule] one-variable-per-declaration rule (#525)
  • [new-rule-option] “ignore-params” option for no-inferrable-types rule (#1190)
  • [new-rule-option] “no-this-in-function-in-method” option for no-invalid-this rule (#1179)
  • [enhancement] Single line enable/disable comments (#144)
  • [enhancement] Resolve extends packages relative to location of configuration file (#1171)
  • [enhancement] Linter class will throw an error if configuration is of an invalid type (#1167)
  • [bugfix] use-isnan allows assaignments to NaN (#1054)
  • [bugfix] no-unreachable handles allows hoisted type aliases (#564)
  • [bugfix] member-ordering rule now checks constructors (#1158)
  • [bugfix] --test CLI command works correctly with specifiying custom rules (#1195)

Thanks to our contributors! * @abierbaum * @HamletDRC * @inthemill * @janslow * @JoshuaKGoldberg * @mprobst * @patsissions * @YuichiNukiyama


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.8.0-dev.1)


  • [bugfix] Allow JS directives at the start of constructors, getters, and setters (#1159)
  • [bugfix] Remove accidentally included performance profiles from published NPM artifact (#1160)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.8.0-dev.0)


  • [new-rule] no-invalid-this rule (#1105)
  • [new-rule] use-isnan rule (#1054)
  • [new-rule] no-reference rule (#1139)
  • [new-rule-option] “allow-pascal-case” option for variable-name rule (#1079)
  • [enhancement] Comments now allowed in tslint.json files (#1129)
  • [enhancement] Smarter trailing-comma behavior (#1122)
  • [enhancement] semicolon rule more lenient with arrow-function class members (#1076)
  • [enhancement] Allow enabling/disabling rules with // comments (#1134)
  • [enhancement] New checkstyle formatter (#250)
  • [enhancement] Clearer message for no-var-keyword rule (#1124)
  • [bugfix] Loaded configurations are not cached (#1128)
  • [bugfix] Allow JS directives at the start of class methods (#1144)

Thanks to our contributors! * @AndyMoreland * @chrismbarr * @HamletDRC * @JoshuaKGoldberg * @sshev * @unional


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.7.0-dev.5)


  • [bugfix] Allow JS directives in namespaces (#1115)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.7.0-dev.4)


  • [bugfix] Downgrade findup-sync dependency (#1108)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release (v3.7.0-dev.3)


  • [bugfix] findConfigurationPath always returns an absolute path (#1093)
  • [bugfix] Update findup-sync dependency (#1080)
  • [bugfix] declare global no longer triggers no-internal-module rule (#1069)
  • [bugfix] Valid JS directives no longer trigger no-unused-expression rule (#1050)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release


  • [bugfix] Improve handling of paths provided via the -c CLI option (#1083)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release


  • [enhancement] extends field for tslint.json files (#997)
  • [enhancement] --force CLI option (#1059)
  • [enhancement] Improve how Linter class handles configurations with a rulesDirectory field (#1035)
  • [new-rule] no-angle-bracket-type-assertion rule (#639)
  • [new-rule-option] “allow-undefined-check” option for triple-equals rule (#602)
  • [new-rule-option] “always-prefix” and “never-prefix” option for interface-name rule (#512)

Thanks to our contributors! * @Arnavion * @chrismbarr * @ChrisPearce * @JoshuaKGoldberg * @patsissonso * @sasidhar * @unional * @vvakame


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release


  • [enhancement] Add --exclude CLI option (#915)
  • [bugfix] Fix no-shadowed-variable rule handling of standalone blocks (#1021)
  • [deprecation] Configuration through package.json files (#1020)
  • [API] Export additional configuration methods from top-level “tslint” module (#1009)

Thanks to our contributors! * @blakeembrey * @hamhut1066 * @meowtec


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release


  • [new-rule-option] “ignore-pattern” option for no-unused-variable rule (#314)
  • [bugfix] Fix occassional crash in no-string-literal rule (#906)
  • [enhancement] Tweak behavior of member-ordering rule with regards to arrow function types in interfaces (#226)

Thanks to our contributors! * @arusakov * @Pajn


  • Stable release containing changes from the last two dev releases


  • [new-rule-option] “arrow-parameter” option for typedef rule (#333)
  • [new-rule-option] “never” option for semicolon rule (#363)
  • [new-rule-option] “onespace” setting for typedef-whitespace rule (#888)
  • [new-rule-option] typedef-whitespace rule can now check spacing on right side of typdef colon (#888)
  • [enhancement] member-ordering rule treats arrow functions as methods (#226)
  • [bugfix] Handle spaces before typedefs correctly in typedef-whitespace rule (#955)
  • [bugfix] label-position rule now allows labels on for-of loops (#959)

Thanks to our contributors! * @b0r3as * @ChaseMoskal * @Pajn * @pe8ter * @tomduncalf


  • [enhancement] Revamped testing system (#620)
    • Writing tests for rules is now much simpler with a linter DSL. See exisitng tests in test/rules/**/*.ts.lint for examples.
  • [enhancement] New msbuild formatter (#947)
  • [bugfix] Fix handling of multiline literals in trailing-comma rule (#856)
  • [bugfix] one-line rule correctly checks space between catch and opening brace (#925)
  • [bugfix] one-line rule correctly checks multiline variable declarations (#935)
  • [new-rule-option] New option check-finally for one-line rule (#925)
    • [bugfix] Report error when a rule in the config file is not found (#598)

Thanks to our contributors! * @mmv * @pe8ter


  • [bugfix] Tweak TSLint build so TSLint works with typescript@next (#926)


  • [bugfix] Correctly handle more than one custom rules directory (#928)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release


  • [enhancement] Throw an error if a path to a directory of custom rules is invalid (#910)
  • [new-rule-option] “jsx-single” and “jsx-double” options for quotemark rule (#673)
  • [bugfix] Handle paths to directories of custom rules more accurately
  • [bugfix] no-unused-expression rule handles await statements correctly (#887)


  • Stable release containing changes from the last dev release


  • [enhancement] automatically generate a tslint.json file with new --init CLI command (#717)
  • [bugfix] no-var-keyword rule detects the use of var in all types of for loops (#855)


  • Stable release containing changes from last two dev releases


  • [bugfix] formatters are now exported correctly to work with TS 1.8 (#863)


  • [bugfix] fixed bug in how custom rules directories are registered (#844)
  • [enhancement] better support for globs in CLI (#827)
  • [new-rule] no-null-keyword rule (#722)


  • Bump TypeScript peer dependency to >= 1.7.3 due to const enum incompatibility (#832)


  • [bugfix] build with TS v1.7.3 to fix null pointer exception (#832)
  • [bugfix] fixed false positive in no-require-imports rule (#816)


  • [bugfix] fixed no-shadowed-variable false positives when handling destructuring in function params (#727)
  • [enhancement] rulesDirectory in tslint.json now supports multiple file paths (#795)


  • [bugfix] member-access rule now handles object literals and get/set accessors properly (#801)
    • New rule options: check-accessor and check-constructor
  • All the changes from the following releases, including some breaking changes:
    • 3.0.0-dev.3
    • 3.0.0-dev.2
    • 3.0.0-dev.1
    • 2.6.0-dev.2
    • 2.6.0-dev.1


  • TypeScript is now a peerDependency (#791)
  • [bugfix] no-unused-variable rule with react option works with self-closing JSX tags (#776)
  • [bugfix] use-strict bugfix (#544)


  • [new-rule-option] “react” option for no-unused-variable rule (#698, #725)
  • [bugfix] Fix how Linter is exported from “tslint” module (#760)
  • [bugfix] no-use-before-declare rule doesn’t crash on uncompilable code (#763)


    • Rearchitect TSLint to use external modules instead of merged namespaces (#726)
      • Dependencies need to be handled differently now by custom rules and formatters
      • See the PR for full details about this change
    • no-trailing-comma rule removed, it is replaced by the trailing-comma rule (#687)
    • Rename sort-object-literal-keys rule to object-literal-sort-keys (#304, #537)
    • Lint.abstract() has been removed (#700)
  • [new-rule] trailing-comma rule (#557, #687)
  • [new-rule-option] “ban-keywords” option for variable-name rule (#735, #748)
  • [bugfix] typedef rule now handles for-of loops correctly (#743)
  • [bugfix] Handle tslint.json utf-8 files which have a BOM correctly (#90)


  • Upgrade TypeScript compiler to v1.7.0-dev.20151003
  • [bugfix] no-unused-expression rule now handles yield expressions properly (#706)


  • Upgrade TypeScript compiler to v1.7.0-dev.20150924


  • [new-rule] no-inferrable-types rule (#676)
  • [new-rule-option] “avoid-escape” option for quotemark rule (#543)
  • [bugfix] type declaration for tslint external module #686
  • [enhancement] AbstractRule and AbstractFormatter are now abstract classes (#631)
    • Note: Lint.abstract() is now deprecated


  • Use TypeScript compiler v1.6.2
  • [bugfixes] #637, #642, #650, #652
  • [bugfixes] fix various false positives in no-unused-variable rule (#570, #613, #663)
  • Update project setup for latest VSCode (#662)


  • Use TypeScript compiler v1.6.0-beta
  • [bugfix] Fix no-internal-module false positives on nested namespaces (#600)
  • [docs] Add documentation for sort-object-literal-keys rule


  • Upgrade TypeScript compiler to v1.7.0-dev.20150828
  • [bugfix] Handle .tsx files appropriately (#597, #558)


  • Upgrade TypeScript compiler to v1.6.0-dev.20150825


  • Upgrade TypeScript compiler to v1.6.0-dev.20150821


  • Upgrade TypeScript compiler to v1.6.0-dev.20150811
  • [bug] fix whitespace false positive in JSX elements (#559)


  • Upgrade TypeScript compiler to v1.6.0-dev.20150805
  • [enhancement] Support .tsx syntax (#490)


  • [bugfix] fix false positives on no-shadowed-variable rule (#500)
  • [enhancement] add allow-trailing-underscore option to variable-name rule


  • [bugfix] remove “typescript” block from package.json (#606)


  • [new-rule] no-conditional-assignment (#507)
  • [new-rule] member-access (#552)
  • [new-rule] no-internal-module (#513)
  • [bugfix] small fixes to sample.tslint.json (#545)
  • [bugfix] fix README docs for quotemark and indent (#523)
  • [enhancement] update findup-sync and underscore.string dependencies
  • [enhancement] add "typescript" field to package.json (#560)
  • [enhancement] small improvements to CLI help text
  • [enhancement] expose raw failures array in the JS API (#477)


  • [bug] remove npm-shrinkwrap.json from the published package


  • Upgraded Typescript compiler to 1.5.3
  • [bugs] #332, #493, #509, #483
  • [bug] fix error message in no-var-keyword rule
  • [enhancement] CI tests are now run on node v0.12 in addition to v0.10
    • -f option removed from CLI


  • [bugs] #137 #434 #451 #456
  • [new-rule] no-require-imports disallows require() style imports
  • [new-rule] no-shadowed-variable moves over shadowed variable checking from no-duplicate-variable into its own rule
    • no-duplicate-variable now only checks for duplicates within the same block scope; enable no-shadowed-variable to get duplicate-variable checking across block scopes
  • [enhancement] no-duplicate-variable, no-shadowed-variable, and no-use-before-declare now support ES6 destructuring
  • [enhancement] tslint CLI now uses a default configuration if no config file is found


  • [bugs] #401 #367 #324 #352
  • [new-rule] no-var-keyword disallows var in favor of let and const
  • [new-rule] sort-object-literal-keys forces object-literal keys to be sorted alphabetically
  • Add support for ES6 destructuring and module syntax (affects variable-name, no-use-before-declare, whitespace and no-unused-variable)
  • Add support for ES6 for-of and spread operator syntax
  • Use tsconfig.json & JSCS in the build system


  • Upgraded Typescript compiler to 1.5.0-beta
    • due to changes to the typescript compiler API, old custom rules may no longer work and may need to be rewritten
    • the JSON formatter’s line and character positions are now back to being 0-indexed instead of 1-indexed
  • [bugs] #328 #334 #319 #351 #365 #254
  • [bug] fixes for tslint behavior around template strings (fixes #357, #349, #332, and more)
  • [new-rule] align rule now enforces vertical alignment on parameters, arguments, and statements
  • [new-rule] switch-default enforces a default case in switch statements
  • [feature] no-duplicate-variable rule now additionally checks if function parameters have been shadowed
  • Additional fixes to existing rules to work as before with the typescript 1.5 compiler


  • [bugs] #292 #293 #295 #301 #302
  • Some internal refactoring
  • Added Windows CI testing (appveyor)


  • Fix crash on Windows


  • Upgraded Typescript compiler to 1.4
    • typedef rule options were modified:
      • index-signature removed as no longer necessary
      • property-signature renamed to property-declaration
      • variable-declarator renamed to variable-declaration
      • member-variable-declarator renamed to member-variable-declaration
    • typedef-whitespace rule options were modified:
      • catch-clause was removed as invalid
      • further options were added, see readme for more details
    • due to changes to the typescript compiler API, old custom rules may no longer work and may need to be rewritten
    • the JSON formatter’s line and character positions are now 1-indexed instead of 0-indexed


  • [bug] #245


  • [bug] #238


  • upgrade TypeScript compiler to 1.3
    • all error messages now start with a lower-case character and do not end with a period
    • all rule options are consistent in nomenclature. The typedef and typedef-whitespace rules now take in hyphenated options
    • unused-variables rule cannot find unused private variables defined in the constructor due to a bug in 1.3 compiler
    • indent rule has changed to only check for tabs or spaces and not enforce indentation levels


  • multiple files with -f on cli
  • config file search starts with input file


  • [bugs] #136, #163
  • internal refactors


  • [bugs] #138, #145, #146, #148


  • [new-rule] no-any disallows all uses of any
  • [bug] /* tslint:disable */ now disables semicolon rule as well
  • [bug] delete operator no longer results in a false positive for no-unused-expression


  • [new-rule] no-var-requires disallows require statements not part of an import statement
  • [new-rule] typedef rule also checks for member variables
  • [bug] no-unused-variable no longer triggers false positives for class members labeled only static
  • [bug] no-unused-expression no longer triggers false positives for "use strict"; expressions
  • [bug] use-strict works correctly on function declarations
  • [bug] config file is now discoverable from other drives on Windows


  • [new-rule] added no-unused-expression rule which disallows unused expression statements
  • [feature] the check-operator option for the whitespace rule now checks whitespace around the => token
  • [bug] no-use-before-declare-rule no longer triggers false positives for member variables of classes used before the class is declared
  • [bug] semicolon at end of file no longer triggers false positives for whitespace rule
  • [bug] hoisted functions no longer cause false positives for the no-unreachable rule
  • [bug] the rule loader no longer transforms/ignores the leading and trailing underscores and dashes of rule names in the config file
  • [bug] export import statements no longer false positives for no-unused-variable-rule
  • [docs] added documentation for creating custom rules and formatters
  • [docs] added sample tslint.json file, under docs/sample.tslint.json


  • [build] migrated build to use grunt-ts instead of grunt-typescript
  • [feature] package.json now contains a tslintConfig paramater to allow users to specify the location of the configuration file there
  • [feature] tslint now searches for the configuration file in the user’s home directory if not found in the current path
  • [bug] unbraced conditionals no longer cause false positives for the no-unreachable rule


  • [feature] no-unused-variable no longer checks parameters by defualt. Parameters are now only checked if the check-parameters option is set.
  • [bug] no-unused-variable parameter check no longer fails on variable argument parameters (like …args) and on cases where the parameters are broken up by newlines.


  • [bug] no-unused-variable validates function parameters and constructor methods
  • [bug] no-empty and no-trailing-comma rules handle empty objects


  • [new-rule] no-unused-variable
  • [new-rule] no-trailing-comma
  • [new-rule] no-use-before-declare
  • [feature] support --version in CLI
  • [feature] expose rule names to custom formatters
  • [feature] add verbose formatter
  • [bug] no-empty allows constructors with member declaration parameters
  • [bug] CLI supports --help
  • [bug] max-line-length allows CRLF endings