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Now built using TypeScript v2.0


  • Elided imports are now watched (#156, #169)
  • Declaration files for .d.ts files are now emitted (thanks @rob-bateman) (#174, #175)


  • Add better error messaging when a file in tsconfig.json can not be loaded (#117, #145)
  • Fix incompatibility with html-webpack-plugin (#152, #154)


  • Add support for emitting declaration files when declaration: true is set (#48, #128)
  • Fix bug with specifying target: es6 and module: commonjs at the same time when using TS 1.7+ (#111, #132, #140).
  • Fix bug with resolving dependencies which are linked using npm link (#134, #141)


  • Fix regression with watching definition files (#109, #110)


  • Fix regression with Windows that was introduced in v0.7.0 (#92)


  • Fix bug with webpack resolution that could sometimes cause TypeScript to not find modules (#92, #102)
  • Loader output is now written to stderr instead of stdout. (#95, #103)


  • Improve initial build performance significantly for larger projects (#100)
  • Fix issue with nightly (#96)


  • Remove support for 1.5 and 1.6-beta. TypeScript 1.6 (stable) is the now the lowest version supported.
  • Fix issue when using source maps and Babel in certain situations (#81)
  • Fix issue with nightly (#83)


  • Add ignoreDiagnostics feature
  • Fix issue with node resolution and noEmitOnError (#71)


  • Fix issue with nightly (Microsoft/TypeScript#4738)
  • Add support for the NoErrorsPlugin


  • Fix issue with nightly (Microsoft/TypeScript#4497)


  • Utilize TypeScript’s new custom module resolution logic to integrate with webpack. This essentially means that TypeScript will resolve files exactly the same as webpack does (supporting aliases, etc). See the aliasResolution test for an example. Only supported in TS 1.6 and above.
  • Rework error reporting to resolve certain edge cases with dependencies. In general errors should be much more consistent now in watch mode.
  • Fix issue with targeting ES6 and transpile mode (#36)


  • Fix issue with TypeScript nightly and new node module resolution strategy (#34)


  • Tweaked error message output to include error code (#32)
  • Add helpful messages around the TypeScript dependency
    • Suggest how to install TypeScript if it hasn’t been installed
    • Show TypeScript version when compiling
    • Warn if TypeScript version is incompatible


  • Add support for transpileOnly loader option. See README for more information.
  • TypeScript is no longer a dependency of the loader and must be installed separately
  • Loader options can now be set as a property in webpack.config.js
  • TypeScript options can be set through the loader option compilerOptions
  • Improved error reporting
    • Errors from all files in the TypeScript application are now reported in watch mode instead of from just those files that changed. This means that making a breaking change in a dependency will now be correctly reported as an error in the dependent file.
    • Errors with TypeScript options are now reported as webpack errors instead of logged to console
    • Error output no longer contains the filename once from webpack and again in the error message. Instead, the filename is only reported by webpack
    • Fixed issue with latest version of webpack where filenames could be reported twice for the same error in certain situations
  • Using the declaration TypeScript option no longer results in errors
  • Add support for the newLine TypeScript option
  • Tests have been revamped to be full integration tests with nightly builds against the current stable and nightly TypeScript. Many new tests have been added.


  • Update TypeScript dependency to 1.5 release (1.5.3)


  • Improve error reporting related to tsconfig.json
    • Fix bug that reported the wrong errors
    • Errors are now reported as webpack errors instead of logged to console
  • Add support for latest TypeScript nightly (#24)


  • Add silent flag (#22)


  • Add support for “noLib” compiler option (#19)
  • Make errors easier to parse programmatically (#20)
    • Errors in declaration files are now added to the stats object instead of written to console
    • Errors now include file, rawMessage, and location properties
  • Make –watch option more robust
    • Fix issue where changes to entry file were not detected
    • Fix issue where changes to typing information only did not result in a rebuild (#21)


  • Fix error locations to be 1-based instead of 0-based (#18)


  • Rework the way dependencies are loaded (#14)
  • Fix NPM dependency on TypeScript (#15, #16)


  • Fix Windows issue with paths (#14)


  • TypeScript 1.5 support! (#14)
  • tsconfig.json support (#2, #9)
  • ES6 target support
  • Remove TS-related options in favor of specifying them in tsconfig.json
  • Add configFileName option for custom tsconfig files


  • Exclude TS 1.5 as a dependency since there are breaking changes


  • Add support for reporting errors in declaration files (#10)
  • Add support for watch mode for declaration files (#11)
  • Fix issue with extra sourceMappingURL in output files (#12)


  • Add support for manually adding files (#6)
  • Add paths to source maps (#8)


  • Add support for specifying a custom TypeScript compiler


  • Change how modules are resolved. Imports and declaration file references are now resolved through TypeScript instead of being resolved through webpack’s resolve API. This fixes a number of issues and better aligns the loader to work as a replacement for the tsc command. (#3, #4, #5)


  • Add noImplicitAny option (#2)


  • Fix issue with source maps


  • Add colors to error output


  • Add new configuration options (#1)
    • target, module, sourceMap, instance
    • sourceMap default changed from true to false
  • Workaround issue with TypeScript always emitting Windows-style new lines
  • Add tests


  • Initial version